Friday, February 5, 2010

Flash Build - The Return Of Wiggles

I drew up a Flash build of my old friend Wiggles today. :] I might try and animate him later on. Maybe in the two week break when I'm sick and tired of TVPaint, I'll go back to Flash. :B

I tried out some new ways of going about building a character with this one. I masked his eyes, for one thing. So that I can have the pupil go further without having it go out of the outline of the eye... If that makes sense. YEAH. So I'm excited to try and animate him. :D


Terra Spitzner said...

Haha he turned out totally awesome. GAH HE IS SO COOL. I love his hands!! X)


Chelsea said...

HEEEEE thanks. :D I want to try an animate him singing something. From a musical maybe. I dunno.


HAHA WOW, good luck reading that. 8D

Migg said...

Cool stuff !
And if you are tired of Flash, Try Toon Boom Animate, so much better !

Chelsea said...

Thank you! C: I've been meaning to give Toon Boom a try! I won it in Animation Magazine's Pitch Party and I haven't opened it yet, lol. D: