Thursday, April 16, 2009

Final Things

All done. D: Kinda bitter sweet in a way. It's good to be done but... Now what do I do? X)


Animation Final:

Animation - Stitch Final from NQN on Vimeo.

Directing Final:

Another Postcard from NQN on Vimeo.

Film Bloopers (since you all were SO enthusiastic to watch them):

Another Postcard - Bloopers from NQN on Vimeo.


This is the fixed version of my layout after the great crits. c:

Interior layout.

Aaaand the exterior. I know the sign looks off. :C Bah. ... I like the fence though, lol.

I think I'll colour them for funsies later.

I'm not going to post all of my design package again because I only tweaked a few small things. d:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Design Package

I'm just about done my design package (I'm still working on the expression sheet. Aah!). And I was wondering if anyone had any critiques. I got a lot of great ones on my layout (and changed it and I like it a lot more, thanks guys!) so yeah. d:

Just a little back story: Stanton Wigglesworth LIV prefers the name Wiggles to Stanton. LIV means 54 in roman numerals. He's the 54th S. Wigglesworth in his family. He has an older brother named Stephan Wigglesworth LIII. Wiggles is a travelling Librarian (Stine and Frank are his horses that pull his library). He's the only one who knows that Lettice (the bunny) can talk, which is quite unfortunate because Lettice never stops talking. His brother runs the rival library. Mary Lovely (daughter of the ruler of the city) loves books and libraries but despite Wiggles' attempts, she doesn't know of the Library On Wheels. So she donates a lot of money to Stephan's library.

Wiggles' DESIRE (oohhhh) is to get into the high society crowd. He's well on his way with a top hat and monocle but he needs a cane to be complete. And he just can't find the perfect one. His DETERRENT (aahhhh) is that it's hard to make money from a Library On Wheels.

And from a design point of view: Warm colours = working class, cool colours = high society.





Noooo I know we didn't have to do a lineup but I wanted to see how the other characters would fit together with the 3 main characters.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Studio B Portfolio

It was demanded that I upload this. So here you go. x)