Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fabricati Diem, PVNC


WOWWWW, that took a while.

I changed the colours so many times. x) I'm still not entirely sure about them but whatever. For some reason I'm not great at colouring night scenes. Oh well.

Nonetheless, I still like it.

OH NUTS. Sorry John, I didn't use any outer glow or multiply layers!


BrittBoss said...

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice chelsea!

ps. I hate you. not for real...just out of sheer jealousy!

kelipipo said...

Lack of outer glow and multiply plain insulting. We need to discuss your slapdash attitude
--signed, John (Not).

*puts on glasses* Behold, it's in fact I, Reetta!! Beautiful coloring. One suggestion, WHICH in the face of my own terribleh attempts doesn't carry much weight but - the street lamps might look even cooler if they cast more light around them, not just a reflection on the tiles.

Now I really want to see the overlay for this too (personally think another street lamp in foreground would rock), but I can check it out in class. You're awesome at coloring! Grrr-r-ammit...!

Chelsea said...



... YEAAAAH I didn't even notice that. I guess there is call for an outer glow after all. Thanks! :D

Ah right... The overlay. Um. Right. I suppose I'll have to colour that too. XD Later.

Thanks guys! C:

(&) said...

I feel it’s a little too dark for me...I think you picked a tough moment of the day to portrait. It feels like dawn or dusk. Both moments in which light is really diffuse and it's hard to know exactly what's going on.

There's light on the sky and buildings but no moon or sun to know where the light come from.

I would have added some reflections on the river or the windows. Maybe a candle on a window...

However if your intention was to create the atmosphere that precedes the break of a new day... You made it!!

Everytime I look at your background I always feel somebody is going to get out from a door, button up their coat and walk down the street headed to another work day on the shipyard.

Well done Chelsea!!

Chelsea said...

Yeaaah, when I started this I actually had NO idea what time of day I wanted to do it in and all this stuff. I tried so many different colour combos and times of day and I ended up choosing this one. x)

My monitor's really light too, so that's probably one of the reasons it's dark for you, I dunno. d:

Thanks for the crits! I'll probably go back and add to this before I hand it in; thank you!